Analysis of the equipment configuration of the top 16 women’s singles in the Houston World Table Tennis Championships


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Who is the new queen of the World Table Tennis Championships? Before the civil war in this final, many fans are looking forward to the answer! In the end, Wang Manyu ascended to the throne. The “Shark” battle in the finals was also very exciting.

Let’s review the equipment configuration of the top 16 women’s singles players and see how they are different from the male players.

Wang Manyu: Lin Gaoyuan ALC, Hurricane 3 NEO Blue Sponge, D09c

Not surprisingly, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge is a forehand choice for everyone in the top four women’s singles. Not only that, the “double-faced hurricane” is almost in a monopoly position. Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, and Wang Yidi are all double-faced hurricane, but Sun Yingsha and Wang Yidi are Hurricane 3, and Chen Meng is Hurricane 8. Before Wang Manyu was also a representative of double-faced madness. However, the backhand has recently been replaced by D09c.

Sun Yingsha: W968, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, Hurricane 3 Neo National Orange Sponge

There is no doubt that Sun Yingsha will become the most powerful spokesperson for DHS in the next few years. Seeing that the tail of her blade is also her own head, I guessed: Hurricane Sha, is coming. Currently it is a full set of DHS equipment: special W968 and double-faced hurricane. This is also the standard for Captain Ma Long. It has been proved that W968 and the two-faced hurricane can win all the championships, and achieve the Grand Slam or even the Grand Slam.

Surging power, amazing control and rotation, as well as the ability to accelerate better, are all elements of W968 becoming the king’s choice.

Chen Meng: Vis, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, Hurricne 8

In fact, the earlier representative of the “two-sided hurricane” was Wang Nan, who was hurricane 2 on one side and hurricane 3 on the other. However, Chen Meng is the first female player to put Hurricane 8 backhand into sparks, and it is this configuration that accompanies Chen Meng to become the new Olympic women’s singles champion. In terms of the blade, in order to further enhance the lethality of the backhand, Chen Meng replaced the blade with Viscaria.

Wang Yidi: W968, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, Hurricane 3 Neo National Orange Sponge

The interesting thing about the women’s singles semi-final is that Wang Yidi and Sun Yingsha have exactly the same equipment configuration. However, you see how powerful Wang Yidi’s forehand is. Wang Yidi’s performance in this World Table Tennis Championships was also perfect. He didn’t lose in the foreign war, but encountered Sun Yingsha, who had the same configuration and was even more fierce forehand, but regretted not being able to make it to the finals!

Mima Ito: Mima Ito Carbon, G-1, Morist SP

Ito Mima Carbon was launched this year. The feel is clearer than the external guitar carbon , and it improves the speed of the ball. This is very beneficial for Ito’s slap and bombing. Both the raw rubber Moristo SP or the forehand reverse rubber Fastarc G-1 are also fast breakers. The equipment is okay, but the chinese national table tennis is too powerful. Before Ito had time to “avenge” Sun Yingsha, Wang Yidi was sacked.

Ishikawa Kasumi: Vis, Hurricane 3 NEO National Blue Sponge, T05

It’s not that the pure girl is not strong, she lost 0:4, purely because she met the big devil, and she really couldn’t beat Chen Meng. Even if the blade is all Vis, and even the forehand rubber is the same mold, how can it be? It is worth noting that while D05 is becoming more popular, there are still many female players sticking to T05. After all, although D05 is faster and can get rid of the opponent better; but T05 has a stronger sense of ball binding and more stability.

Chen Xingtong: Lin Gaoyuan ZLC, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, D05

Some people compare Lin Gaoyuan ZLC to an enhanced version of Vis, probably because it is also an external fiberboard. While Lin Gaoyuan ZLC is not lacking in stability, it is also faster. This blade, which was once rumored to be discontinued, has also returned to the field of vision of amateur player.

Hirano Miu: Vis, T05H, T05

Once the World Cup women’s singles champion, Hirano Miu actually recovered in this World Table Tennis Championships. In the quarter-finals, 3:4 lost to Chen Meng, it can be said that the defeat is a glorious defeat. Back then, with a handful of Stiga CL (forehand T05, backhand T64), it was a great ride. Now the board has changed, and the rubber is still Tenergy.

Hayada Hina: Nitaku special、 Hurricane 3, T05

Both Kasumi Ishikawa and Hina Hayada played forehand Hurricane 3. It can be seen that in the era of plastic balls, this piece of rubber still has an immeasurable power. As for Hayata Hina’s blade, Nitaku fans have been looking forward to it for a long time, but it has not been listed yet.

Szokos: Tibhar Szqcs, MX-P, EL-P

The Szqcs signature blade is a pure wooden seven clips, and the prototype is Heisa. It is said that this piece feels crispier. Forehand and backhand changes MX-P and EL-P are both upright flagship rubber sets. They are all excellent rubber sets with a sense of biting, power and high speed in one.

Zheng Yijing: Special ALC, D05, T05H

The official website shows that Zheng Yijing’s blade is of special ALC structure, but we can see that it is the handle of Viscaria. D05 is very powerful in the accuracy and sense of speed of counter-pull and counter-attack, while T05H has higher hardness and greater strength.

Du Kaiyan: Xu Xin Blue Label, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, D05

Du Kaixin has used Stiga Xu Xinlan’s label for a long time, and I verify again: the blue label is not only suitable for straight blade, but also for horizontal blade. Under medium power, he has no brains to come to power, high fault tolerance, and has a strong sense of strength when he exerts his strength. No wonder Xu Xin can blast back when he retreats to the remote station.

Xu Xiaoyuan: Special Diode, T05, Victas Curl P1V

The Diode special is a pure wooden five-clip chipper for the butterfly. Curl P1V is a long-standing long glue. It is the longest, finer, and most variable long glue in the same series. Zhu Shihe and Ni Xialian also use this rubber. While paying attention to changing performance, the control is also very stable.

Diaz: Super Zhang Jike, D05, D64

Diaz’s rubber has changed again! During the Olympics, it is D09c and D80. This time the game was replaced with D05 forehand and D64 backhand. But in any case, it is a product of Dignics. Butterfly has sharpened its sword for ten years, and gradually, Dignics has become the favorite of more national players.

Suttasini: Boll ZLC, T19, T05

Suttasini played two-sided T05 before. Now I use the T19, which has a clearer bite. In terms of strength, T19 is indeed inferior to T05. However, with the strong elasticity and fast boll ZLC, the forehand T19 is actually very close, with better ball holding and enhanced stability.

Yuan Jianan: Vis,

Yuan Jianan, a former member of the Henan Provincial Team and now a member of the French team, actually doesn’t know much about it. The rubber information is incomplete. However, this time, regardless of the men’s and women’s singles, the cut play (Wang Yang, Firus, Xu Xiaoyuan) and Yuan Jianan of the positive rubber play have reached the top 16, which also shows that the particle play has strong vitality. Don’t you see, teacher Ni Xialian next door made a straight turn and brought her teammates into the semifinals of the women’s doubles!


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This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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