A short commentary on Stiga Ebenholz NCT V, W968, Victas V15 blue, CODEXX EF PRO 54, etc.


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√ Smaller blade surface brings the accuracy of hitting the ball, and it feels like you are in control

√ Have better swing speed

√ Freely switch between acceleration and acceleration

× At high-speed stalemate, pure wood five-clamps are still not as good as carbon blade to cope with topspin, and they are not as fast as they can be borrowed. To kill, you still need to take the initiative; forehands are best equipped with sticky rubbers, astringent rubbers are generally not appropriate


√ Not as bouncing as the official version, better control, higher fault tolerance

√ It is indeed like a specially selected Long 5, with some virtual bullets reduced

√ Still, anyone who takes the initiative to get started will have a high rate of attendance and a weird double jump

× Still good forehand, the center of gravity and feel of the backhand is still hard to compare with Butterfly ALC blade

Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC

√ The 6.2mm board body reduces the shock feel of the built-in ALC carbon, and brings a sense of stability to defense

√ The forehand still retains sufficient deformation and a sense of strength after exerting force

√ The built-in ALC was originally a stable balanced school, but now it has improved speed and rigidity

× Slightly thick board body, not flexible enough when twisting, small force is not as easy to spin out as InnLayer ALC

Sword Dragon 516

√ The overall feel is transparent and clear, almost pure wood

√ The fine thermal conductive fiber brings a large sweet spot, and the characteristics of soft elasticity

√ Excellent ball eating and arcing ability

× The inner rigidity and support power are average. Although the ball is eaten briskly, it is difficult to make the return more violent when the force is exerted.

Sanwei 75#

√ Vis-like structure, but it is easier to penetrate, and has a good sense of speed when exerting force

√ Easier feeling of holding the ball

√ The backhand is handled very well, with an instant sense of pause and explosive power, resembling a Butterfly carbon outer series

× The hand feel is slightly thin, without the progressive hand feeling of Vis, and the rubber should not be too soft. The speed and pressure of hitting and rebounding are not as good as Vis.

DNA Red Dragon Edition

√ Speaking of stickiness, it is not sticky, but it has a good sense of stability.

√ Linear and faithful feel, and the control is quite stable

√ When pulling and punching, there is a turbo-like elastic feeling, good acceleration and strong power

× You want the real stickiness made in China, it is not; the sponge is tight and spin with little force

Xiom Zeta China

√ Strong adhesive surface, ball control and kick-down spin are quite stable

√ Small hole carbon cake sponge, strong support when exerting force, good strength

√ So cheap

× Compared with Vega China, it is still slower at medium strength. It is only suitable for those who like to exert strength. It is recommended to stick hard elastic boards.

V> 15 Extra (blue plastic surface)

√ Eat the ball softly and delicately, get up and downspin easily, come on stage without a brain

√ High speed when rebounding

√ Not easy to eat the opponent’s rotation, automatic defensive ability, invincible unloading

× When the opponent’s ball is weak, it is difficult for your return ball to hit the speed, you can only use force, and it is easy to be hit at this time


√ Medium viscose surface (really sticky, but weaker than Hurricane 3) has a strong arc ability

√ It’s still “hard and sticky” Chinese style forehand feel, but its elasticity is obviously better than that of unfilled madness, and its inner energy feel is good.

√ Fast speed and strong continuity

× The old saying is repeated, the rubber noodles feel less pulling than mad, so it can’t be spin. Lack of power

Tibhar K3

√ Similar to the feel of Hurricane, but with internal energy, the threshold for force is also low

√ The hand feel is clearer than the original K2, which is more conducive to small ball handling, and has a high tolerance for faults.

√ Control performance and sense of power are better than K2

× Logically speaking, this pricing should have a shocking sense of power or rotational oppression. Unfortunately, although the overall balance is balanced, it is not impressive

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Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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