Is Hurricane Long 5 suitable for amateur player?


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DHS Hurricane Long 5

The DHS Hurricane Long 5 blade was used by Ma Long to win the men’s singles at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The seven-layer aramid carbon fiber blade uses the “core protection” technology to continue the Ma Long series of fast, fast and changeable style of offensive and defensive conversion.

Player introduction

As we all know, Ma Long is the first super grand slam male player in all competitions, and is known as the “first man in history” and “hexagonal fighter” in men’s table tennis in the world. On the Rioo date, Ma Long was regarded as a life-saving baby by the “fat guy who doesn’t understand the ball”. Ma Long, sprayed with hairspray, held Long 5 in his hand, like a golden light, making it difficult for his opponent to parry.

As the world’s only grand slam player, baby’s voice and handsome face have won the attention of many fans for a while.

Netizen evaluation

While the popularity is hot, netizens have mixed reviews on this blade. Amateur player can easily fall into confusion when referring to it: Is this board selling like this only because of its popularity and gimmicks? What is the performance of this blade?

Listening to a master player play this blade and saying: The bottom strength is not enough, it feels like being knocked out in the middle
It’s a pity that it’s too heavy, few amateurs can sway freely

These questions will be answered in depth by Brother 57.

01 Physics Evaluation


The packaging box still continues the Chinese red style of DHS. From the early days of Hurricane King to the current Hurricane Long era, all are full of strong Chinese style.

Taking out the blade, the first thing that catches your eyes is the light blue blade handle and the DHS blade logo covering it, with the head of Ma Long shouting at the bottom of the handle, adding a sense of aura to the whole.

(Thanks for the Long 5 blade provided by amateur player Jimmy)

[Blade data]

Thickness: The thickness of each blade has slight deviations. The thickness of this Long 5 is 5.96 mm, which is a bit thick.

Weight : 88g , not too heavy.

[Blade structure]

From the outside to the inside, it is the Limba surface material + Ayous strength material + KLC fiber + Ayous large core, using the “5+2 core protection” technology, that is, the seven-layer built-in fiber structure.

[Resilience Test]

Long 5 ’s elasticity test is good, 37cm.

02 Trial evaluation

The rubber used in this trial is Ma Long ‘s standard double hurricane rubbers

Handle: (Based on FL handle) The overall arc of the handle is moderately rounded, but the grip is a bit stiff, and amateur player can polish it as they wish.

[Picking, rubbing and swinging short]

Challenging: Because the overall structure is built-in fiber, the explosive power in the chasing link is not particularly good, and the point of force is difficult to concentrate, so it is more necessary to actively exert force to create forward momentum. Technically, you can make the racket brighter and make it fully hit.

Rolling ball and short swing: Although Long 5 is built-in fiber, the hand feel is as soft as pure wood . Rubbing between, eat the ball deep, grasp the landing point, and have own mind.

[Forehand attack, topspin, backspin]

Attacking: The feel is pure wood , not clear, but soft, requires more voluntary effort, takes the ball deeper, and requires more upper limbs to move forward in technical movements.

Pull the top spin: the middle stage and the middle stage are the best blasting areas for the Long 5 , with strong power and strong spin. The powerful and autonomous force, combined with the large upper limbs to meet the front, coupled with the excellent depth of the ball, makes the ball bombarded like a cannonball, making the opponent daunting. But only through the face material can you experience Long 5 ‘s extraordinary ball-holding ability and spin ability, the arc is very top, and a sense of security.

Pull down spin: Whether it is a serve or a rubbing link, the performance of Long 5 is satisfactory, the curve is moderate, and it will not be very low and flat. You can feel the speed and spin after the first board starts and spins. , To eat the ball deeper, not very difficult to penetrate.

Comprehensive evaluation: When the forehand attack, the stalemate of pulling the topspin and the pulling downspin, the feeling of strength is full and it is very stable . It will make people have a wonderful feeling that they want to fight their opponents to the end. Especially when attacking the ball and continuously pulling the topspin, give yourself a man of confidence and confidence.


Defense: Does not shake hands, the feeling of absorbing power is very obvious and stable . At the same time, I also tried Donic F1, Hurricane felt more stable, and the Long 5 ‘s sense of borrowing was even better when controlling the landing point.

Because of the excellent control performance of the Long 5, it can sometimes counterattack in defense, and good backhand players can add some appropriate impacts at this time. Of course, this will require a slight depression of the blade, and an angle of about 60 degrees is best. It is a very solid feeling to be able to bounce the ball out! !

03 summary


Long 5

[Trial play summary]

Attack: partial wood, unclear feeling

Challenge: explosive power is not very good

Defense : stable, obvious absorption of power, good sense of borrowing, and can counterattack

Short rubbing pendulum: feel very soft, grasp the landing point well, and be good at control

Pull down spin : the first board’s down spin speed and spin are combined well, the arc is moderate, and the ball is deep.

The middle table powers to pull the topspin: the Long 5 blasting area, the deformation is very large, and the strength is sufficient

The legend of the Chinese “Dragon” is indeed well-deserved, and Ma Long has fully demonstrated the performance of this board! Open and close, both offensive and defensive, it is really the best weapon for middle range table and long range table stalemate style of play! The disadvantage of Long 5 is that it is not suitable for fast attack near close range table. Due to its material, the ball is deep and small moves are not enough to release its full energy. In general, for amateur player who are good at mid-range and mid-range stalemate play, the Long 5 will be a rare domestic floor.

[Suitable for amateur player]

The Long 5 fblade is suitable for mid-range amateur player who can use basic strength and excellent control. The threshold is not very high. The offense of the blade is smooth, so the feeling of weakness is not that the blade is not good, but the play is not suitable.

[Recommended match]

Robust configuration: Forehand: 39 degrees of madness. Backhand: 37 degrees of madness. With Hurricane and Long Five, you can feel the thickness of the whole floor, especially the feeling of backhand is quite obvious, obviously more stable than F1.

Violent configuration: Forehand: T05HARD Backhand: Donick F1, Xiom Vega Asia backhand is equipped with softer rubber, easier to play the ball, the ball is very clear, F1 and Vega asia are the best choices, but the relative control is poor, positive The hand matching 05HARD is full of deformation and very violent.

Of course, there is no standard answer to these collocations, just to provide you with a reference for your choice. When the control is not very good, a softer rubber is recommended. If you feel that you have excellent control and think that the soft rubber surface will be too fleshy, then add it harder and let it be harder! ! !

The above data comes from official and actual combat trials, please understand if there is any deviation. We welcome ball friends and 57 brothers to discuss table tennis equipment. It is the love of table tennis that makes us know each other, thank you!


Author: 1857 Equipment Evaluation

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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