[2021/11/22]Pink Quantum, Costa, and German sets increase prices


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Observation of this week on 11/22/2021:

Pink Quantum X, Crestar, and German rubbers have increased their prices.

Pink Quantum X

This review is done, but it is better to condense it here. I think that those who like to win by spinning are not suitable for this. Spin better, there are changes to MX-P, R53, T05, Bluefire M1. The powder quantum, under medium power, the spin is not strong, at this time its speed is not particularly fast, but it is not bad. When the force is increased, the sponge’s throughput is obvious and comfortable, and the speed can be increased faster at this time. Therefore, it is called the “precision striker in the high-speed era” in the evaluation.

47.5 degrees can be used as a forehand in the German rubbers , and can be used if the forehand is the main hit. At first it was a bit hard to put the backhand, but after playing for a while, I felt it was okay, and I still had to put the backhand. It is good at bounce and attack, has good fault tolerance, good directivity of the landing point, and good defense. And spinning is not a specialty, these seem to be more suitable for backhands.


The back of the outer package describes: very good control, moderate speed and spin, suitable for beginners,. This positioning is still very accurate. Kostar reminds me of the yellow sponge AK47, and the explosive power is good when it is torn. Friction with a small force can still deal with soft balls. But the problem with this rubber is that the supporting force of the sponge is indeed weak. This speed and strength are not good. The 44g weight is good. But from the pricing point of view, although it is only in the early 100s, there is a big gap between the red V and the Thunder Dragon Flying Dragon.

German rubbers prices

In Japan, the prices of German rubbers have been rising, while in China, the same trend has been observed in the plastic sets of various brands. The price increase of German rubbers is due to two aspects. One is the strong performance of the euro, which is rising in value. In addition, while rubber costs are rising, shipping costs are also rising. In addition to butterfly products, there are actually many brands, such as Nitaku’s Fastarc series (G-1 is the first in the sales of reverse glue in Japan), and many sets of Victas (V>15 and V>11 are popular) They are all morals.

Our domestic rubber will also gradually increase prices due to the impact of rubber costs and electricity curtailment policies.

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QvKLSa-7xODgpIzRHgztpA

Author: 邵璧林

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified)) 繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))

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