Hou Yingchao used two blades for 10 years, while Ma Long used 10 blades in one year?

Hou Yingchao used two blades for 10 years, while Ma Long used 10 blades in one year?

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Posted on September 14, 2023, in Guangdong

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There are rumors that Hou Yingchao said in an early interview that he used two blades for 10 years. There is also a former national team player who revealed that Ma Long used at least 10 blades in one year. If you were a brand owner, who would you choose to sign?

Without a doubt, unless you have a pig’s brain, you would definitely choose Ma Long, the hexagonal warrior, because he has higher promotional value. The cost of a blade is just that, no matter how you look at it. For blades that are sold for thousands or even two thousand, the cost is negligible. Unless your blade is made of rare materials…

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Black Horse Jun: "Then what am I aiming for?"

Friend: "You can aim for reputation. That way, you will have more fans and more traffic."

I glanced at the tens of thousands of followers on the WeChat account and Zhihu, and took a look at the advertising fees I earned last month because of traffic, about 200 yuan. After careful consideration, I decided to go home and help my dad sell tea instead! Image

Friend: "Even if you don’t make money from the ‘Heavy Ming Bird’, having more fans means you can make money from the ‘Green Rock Sheep’. Isn’t the recent trend to use this to hit the 2000-point high-end phone?"


Anyway, in this issue, we are going to talk about the lifespan of table tennis blades.

A broken blade can still be used many times. Black Horse Jun’s $2000 old Butterfly Viscaria blade was destroyed by his opponent at the table tennis hall. He said the core cracked. He was also defeated 3:1 by a city champion, and he felt that he couldn’t exert enough power. Later, I found that his carbon fiber 90 blade was indeed broken, making a cracking sound. But the speed of his shots was still very fast.

In other words, even if the blade is broken, you can still continue to play. You can infuse it with oil and play with power.

But in the end, can you accept it? Just like a rubber that has been used for two years (and still has some anti-loop properties and is not easily affected by spin), the decrease in friction will lead to a decrease in the forgiveness of attacks and a decrease in spin. Can you accept it? If you can, the rubber can still be used for a long time.

The same goes for blades. Of course, they don’t necessarily have to be cracked. For example, my first limited edition Yoshimura blade was used for three years. It was still good at receiving balls and had decent elasticity, but I felt that the elasticity was no longer satisfying. So I replaced it. But when it was passed on to someone else, they used it for two years and still found it easy to play with. This is a matter of personal preference.

The key point is the demand for the elasticity and support of the blade. A 1900-point high-level player used a carbon fiber blade for one year and felt that it was boring, so he had to increase the degree of the rubber to compensate. But he still felt tired. So he decided to get a new blade.

A 2100-point high-level player has this view on the lifespan of a blade:


Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until the blade is completely unusable or cracked to consider it as the end of its life. When you feel that the elasticity and support of the blade no longer meet your needs, you can choose to replace it. Of course, sometimes the blade’s lack of bounce is actually due to the aging of the rubber…

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